Building integrity with integrity

About DBD Construction

DBD Construction is a leading General Contractor and Construction Manager operating throughout Western Canada.

Our philosophy at DBD Construction is to fully understand each customer’s unique needs so we can integrate their desires and vision into our design and tactical plan and effectively manage and deliver a superior product. We always aim to exceed your expectations through superior quality paired with on-time and on-budget project execution. DBD Construction recognizes the necessity for high level of communication amongst the project ‘team’ members in terms of professionalism, timeliness, accuracy and consistency. Our focus is on communicating consistently and concisely with all key stakeholders throughout all phases of a project.

At DBD Construction, we employ a comprehensive management system that tracks the progress at every stage of a project to ensure all milestones are met. The DBD Construction team is equipped to provide the resources and expertise needed to manage Quality, Cost, Schedule, Scope, and Risks associated with the design and construction of any project we help our customers achieve their objectives.

As Integrity forms the cornerstone of our company, so it is with every project we undertake. This is important to us because it is the only way we can ensure that we are building integrity, with integrity.


Our mission is to provide the highest level of service, consistently exceed the expectations of our clients, maintain uncompromising quality and allow our team members an opportunity to grow and prosper. We strive to build integrity with integrity in all that we do.


Our Values clarify what is important to our organization, and set the foundation for our behavior and decision-making.


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